Logo Design

A logo is a vital aspect of a business. It is the graphical representation of a company and it plays a huge role in the company’s marketing strategy. The company logo is the face of a business as people recognise logos more than the mission or the vision of a company. It is important for every business to have a well-designed and meaningful logo as a company’s brand is anchored through the logo of a company. Logos are the main graphical representation of a company for marketing and advertising purposes.

Logo created for one of the most distinguished and renowned listed companies in Hong Kong, Success Dragon.


Logos should be unique, informative, meaningful and visually appealing/captivating to customers.


It should not be complex and difficult to identify, but comprehensible instead.


A logo should give meaning to the background of the company and it should relate to the company’s products/services.

A logo is vital for a business as it appears on business cards, the company website, uniforms, through various advertising mediums and maybe even on uniforms.

It is practically the “face” of the company, and certainly hard to miss. A logo needs to be well-designed considering appropriate colours, fonts, clipart’s and not forgetting guidelines. A logo should not be changed/replaced too often as this confuses both current and prospective customers. Once a logo is designed, companies should stick to using the logo for long term purposes. We believe in designing the best and most relatable logo for your business as logos carry the company’s brand identity.