Marketing Collaterals

Marketing Collaterals
(Brochures and Flyers)

Brochures and flyers are physically printed pieces of documents that aid in company promotions. It is considered a marketing collateral. Many companies all around the world use brochures for marketing purposes. These tools are extremely helpful and necessary for small companies. It is one of the handiest tools to provide customers with summaries of information about your company’s products/services. Company brochures and flyers can be categorised accordingly to the various products they offer, not necessarily squeezing everything into a single document. Brochures and flyers are widely used at retail outlets, roadshows, and company events or sometimes even handed out at public hotspots, placed in giveaway packages, or handed out at promotional giveaways. This is a cheaper method of advertising rather than through newspapers/ magazines or on television or radio. When ordered in bulk, brochures and flyers end up costing much lesser.

Brochure created for one of the most distinguished and renowned listed companies in Hong Kong, Success Dragon.


The design of a brochure or flyer should be appealing, enticing, colourful, professional and vibrant instead of plain, boring and wordy.


It should be informative with the right pictures.


It should send across a deep message on the service/product offered.

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